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Pediatric Foot Problems

Your doctors at Bay Area Podiatry Associates have extensive training in diagnosing and treating child related foot disorders. Infants and young, growing children have special circumstances that necessitate they be evaluated by a specialist familiar with normal development. Many conditions, if caught early, can be easily treated, correcting the problem before it becomes a life-long deformity. Common foot disorders that we treat include in-toeing and out-toeing, flat feet, curved feet, toe walking, inflamed growth plates in the bones, leg cramps and night cramps, ingrown toenails, athlete's foot, and other skin conditions. We also treat young athletes and sports related injuries of all ages. Children will often not complain about pain associated with their sport. The demands of soccer, baseball, dance, and gymnastics on the growing child will often uncover underlying developmental problems.

One common myth is that children have "growing pains". Growth is not painful and soreness and cramping in the feet and legs are not normal. This generally is the result of muscle imbalance or flat feet, which strains the muscles in the feet and legs that are trying to support the foot. A family history of foot problems is significant since many foot problems are hereditary. Often parents are told that their children may "grow out of it." This may be true in some cases but a level of reassurance from a specialist can go a long way in easing a parents' concern. We at Bay Area Podiatry are sensitive to parent's concerns. If you have concerns about your child's feet, please make an appointment and let's discuss your concerns and evaluate your child. We have a special pediatrics room for children and a friendly staff to ease any anxiety that you or your child may have.

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